Tuesday, 7 May 2013

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Google Drive now for file sharing

I had been a loyal dropbox user since they started out years ago.

It had been one of the most powerful syncing tool ever. I can access the files anywhere, anytime, even on my phone now.

Having your own stuff stored in dropbox give you lots of convenience sake, because you can access it even the computer is shut off; so long as the file had been uploaded.

I do not need to worry even I am using either Mac or Window computer. With the program installed, you still be able to access it without transferring using hard disk.

You can even share to public for downloading of files too! This is great when you do not have your own ftp site.

Or rather, you can put them up at yousendit.com or westransfer.com

I personally prefer WeTransfer because of the slink design, wonderful image or video on the background.

But, there's limitation of timeline to be stored in the site for people to download it.

Now for Google Drive, as read from Engadget, they finally allow sharing as well!

So this is as if you have another Dropbox in your computer. Right click and send out the files, that's all and it is very simple to use.

If you require more space from Google Drive, you may need to purchase it here.

I do not think they work the same way as Dropbox, whereby you earn more space from inviting more users. I cannot remember how much space you will be given when you first sign up, but there are couple of ways to get free space in mb. This is what I found over at ehow.com and dropbox

I have 50gb from my dropbox, and 5gb from Google Drive.

It will be great if you can store the same files in two different location, or, maybe you can put document in Google Drive and the rest in dropbox, whichever you deem fit.

I am happy that both of the applications allow sharing of files to public now.

As quoted:" Google says it's "rolling out over the next few days." Hold tight!"

This is sure going to be interesting.... to know later on.


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