Friday, 13 September 2013

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HRDI handbook review

HDRI handbook, which is highly recommended by one of the Facebook user in a group, is great for understanding the HDR and the panoramic shoot.

In order to understand more about individual HDR program, this is the book for you. Please refrain from getting this book on Kindle. Basically, it is nothing but just grey tone, even for the image.

If you are using on Kindle Fire, good for you.

The author of this book, Christian Bloch, literally provide all the information that you need to know. There are steps to follow in order to achieve that look. Overall, it depend on individual liking towards the program.

Since I already had Photomatix, I literally skipped pages after pages.

For this book, the author also tells you about panoramic shoot, setting up, nodal point and what kinda lenses to use.

This is the book that you should get if you are so interested in HDR panoramic.

It contain what I had blogged before, but with more details.

Get this book in your nearby book store, or download it to your kindle fire now. It is a book that you should not miss it at all.


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