Wednesday, 13 February 2013

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Photoshoot - Graduation

Friends Forever 1 1

Graduation photo shoot is one of the most relaxing job of all. You do not require to run, drive to ensure you are faster than the wedding couples and fearing that someone will block your view.

But in this photoshoot, you need ensure of strangers coming by.

There will be a lot of people walking past you, looking at your subjects and try to take a quick snap of it! After all, it is a fun job, so let it be. So long as no one is coming to disturb you.

Graduation photos must have its typical style.

1. Posing in front of your school campus
2. Posing in front of your school name
3. Posing when you are looking high up

These are the three which I did a research via internet, and it is very important.

Friends Forever 1

Friends Forever 1 4

Friends Forever 1 9

Friends Forever 1 8

Friends Forever 1 7

Friends Forever 1 6

Commanding not 1 but few friends together can be tough too. But, when they get into the mood, chances of getting nice images is a plus point!

Ensure that the subject don't feel embarrass, making sure they feel comfortable, tell them what they need to do - natural look is a lot better than acting type, most importantly: FUN!

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