Thursday, 14 February 2013

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This mogopod worth the money

I was browsing over my reader feed and saw this great product by Carry Spreed. They live up their reputation - speed.

For photography, everything must be sturdy and steady while you handheld the camera, with a tripod or mono pod beside you, that is your best partner!

Having said that,  extending the leg is another headache if you are using tripod. Lot of time will be wasted. How about monopod do the job?

Yes, it will.
But, the extending of leg will cause you some time tho.

For this... I am amazed by this mogopod by carry speed.


It allow you to do upside down recording too.

When extending the leg, all you require is just 1 twist! Yes, you see it right, just ONE time. You get to any height you wanted, close it swiftly and move on to another location.

Isn't that great!

You check out more from the video on how the system works. It win me totally! I am so wanted to get it!

Only for USA domestic buyer!

Images and video courtesy by Carry Speed

All thanks to OliviaTech feeds. I am glad to share with you readers.



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