Monday, 10 June 2013

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Adobe Lightroom 5 is here!

I am fascinated and excited about the new Adobe Lightroom 5 after watching the video here.

It is going to save me a lot of times and it is what I am really hoping for! The upright straighten tool!

I had been a great user to Capture One Pro 6 trial before I ended up with Adobe Creative Cloud. I kept thinking, when will Adobe is going to give us that straighten tool? And there it is!

The Lightroom 5 is here for all of us!

The marvelous tool can be bought individually or via Creative Cloud. Now, that is the wise choice for being a Creative Cloud user, I do not need to worry about the upgrades from individual software, with this, I get it anytime and free (of course via subcription!)

All thanks to internet information, I was literally blogging this while trying to update my Adobe apps manager! Viola! I saw the word installation, and hoping whether if I can get the LR5 (it claimed that it will be release on Tuesday, so I just gamble anyway.)

And, after installation, I saw the upgrade to LR5! Yes, it is going to be a happy happy day!

Welcome to Adobe Lightroom 5!
Hello there!

I'm going to do some trial shoot (my usual shoot) and give my opinion on the new tools!

For those who are on Creative Cloud, get to LR5 now!


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