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About me

Welcome to my photography blog.
My name is Boon Ong, call me Boon maybe.

The reason I name my photography PBOONG (pronounce as Boon) is because of my full name combination. Cool?

I am an experience photographer, specialising in wedding, products, corporate profile, property and 360 panoramic (known as virtual reality).

Having vast knowledge on audio and video production because of my previous work related helps me a lot in this field.

I am involved with Singapore NHB, NTU and PUB project for the 360 panoramic view.

I am available for creating simplify and interactive virtual tour.

If you like my style of work with no question ask, and interested in collaboration, hiring, please do not hesitate by dropping me an email!

Feel free drop by my main website and Facebook Page and VR 360 Cities!

Thank you


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